Since the release of the iPad Pro and its Apple Pencil, people have been asking whether a laptop could be made with a drawing surface. The answer is yes—and Microsoft has already done it. 

The Surface Book comes in two models: one that’s just like any other laptop, and one that has a hinge on top that allows the screen to flip around so it can be used as a tablet. But what makes this computer unique is the touchscreen display; not only does it work like your typical touch screen, but you can also use an included pen to draw directly onto the screen. This feature is perfect for artists and students who need to take handwritten notes or do illustrations while they’re working on their computers. Get detailed information about the design ideas, on this website:

But there are plenty of other reasons why someone might want to buy a Surface Book instead of another device.

For example, because it runs Windows 10 rather than iOS or Android, you can install traditional desktop software like Photoshop or Illustrator without any trouble. It also comes equipped with powerful hardware; if you’re looking for a machine that will let you edit videos and photos editing, this is probably not your best option, Visit the You’ll find trustworthy tips, advice, and resources on how to use the most current photo editing software but for everything else, it should more than suffice.

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So, if you’re looking for a device that can let you do some serious creative work and don’t want to be constrained by the limitations of mobile operating systems, then the Surface Book is definitely worth checking out. You can check it on