AnimeFreak is one of the most popular websites on the internet that offers users a vast range of anime to choose from and watch for free. Watching Anime is gradually becoming one of the most appreciated entertainment forms across the globe, as it provides a great source of relieving yourself from all the stress and worries in life.

What is AnimeFreak?

Anime freak is a popular free anime website for watching anime online and downloading. The site offers a wide selection of videos that are available in HD. Therefore, you can enjoy watching high-quality anime available on the website without any kind of interruption or delay. It also offers its premium members additional downloadable anime content that you can enjoy on your devices. 

To watch anime online, all you need to do is visit AnimeFreak and search for a fan-favorite anime that you want to watch. With so many titles available on the website at no cost, you have plenty of choices to binge-watch through. The best part is that this site allows you to enjoy watching Anime with subtitles in different languages. 

In addition to the impressive collection of anime offerings, AnimeFreak shows a significant level of effort towards improving itself for its visitors. This means that no matter where you are at in your anime journey, this site will have great content for you to enjoy.

What happened to AnimeFreak?

AnimeFreak was a website that had an extensive collection of anime TV series and movies. The website was popular among fans of Japanese animation, due to the high quality of its content. However, it came under fire from copyright holders who accused it of violating intellectual property rights. This led to bans on the site by several major internet service providers in countries such as Australia, Canada, and the United States. Due to these bans, many people turned to alternative websites for their anime fix.

Why is AnimeFreak not working?

The truth of the matter is that AnimeFreak has indeed been blocked for users in certain countries. Alternatively, if you can visit AnimeFreak but can’t seem to stream any anime episodes, it may mean that their servers are down. Of course, there could be other reasons a site might not be working accurately.

Animefreak Best Alternatives Sites

Many users had been using the AnimeFreak website and now they have to find alternatives for it because AnimeFreak is closed now. below are listed some great alternative sites of Animefreak you can use these sites without any trouble or hesitation.


KuroAnime offers free anime episodes and movies that can be watched online. The collection of videos counts thousands of anime series, divided into different categories. At the moment, a large number of the series are available in streaming format, which means you can watch them online – directly on the website.

The series on KuroAnime are of high quality, and the new episodes are added within just a few hours after the premiere in Japan. The anime is released in raw Japanese with English subtitles, and there’s an option to download the episodes in MP4 format. 

Most importantly, KuroAnime doesn’t have intrusive ads. It is similar to AnimeFreak and some other anime streaming sites out there that realize that their visitors and customers would be annoyed by regular video ads or banner ads. 

All in all, if you are a fan of anime with frequent updates then this is the place for you to go. With so much quality content, good platform stability, and calm ad display practices, there is little that can come close in this field. 


7anime is a free anime streaming site that’s completely legal and safe to use. It provides the best viewing experience like AnimeFreak for anime series and movies, and it doesn’t have any distracting ads or pop-ups to hinder your experience. The list of anime titles is extensive, but you can always request new ones if something’s missing. 

Based on their success with the site itself and other features, 7anime should continue to be a go-to for anime fans for years to come. With so many titles spread across so many genres, this website can be a great resource whether you’ve been a fan of anime for decades or are just starting yourself. No matter how many sites you try out, it’s hard to imagine that one as comprehensive as 7anime won’t continue to make its way back onto your list of favorites.


Gogoanime is another best alternative to AnimeFreak. This website caters to the world-class entertainment purpose of anime fans who are seeking a website that provides anime streaming on the internet. This is an online site that offers thousands of premium quality animated content as well as episodes from all popular series.

Gogoanime offers a wide variety of both dubbed and subbed anime and has a searchable database and a large selection of anime series. Creating playlists and setting reminders is especially valuable, making it easy to stay up to date on your favorite shows and series. If you want access to the best selection of anime in both subbed and dubbed form, Gogoanime is one to check out!


Animegg is an excellent website for anime lovers out there. This website has an extensive list of anime series and films. You will not be disappointed by browsing this website. One nice feature of Animegg that isn’t limited to the other sites is that it will give you a brief overview of what each episode entails, so you can get a better idea of what you’re watching.

In addition, the site format is easy to use, and its content never has any issues with streaming. The website also arranges the latest releases in an easy-to-access format that allows you to have favorites and unsubscribe from those that you do not enjoy. 

Animegg is worth a look if you find yourself missing out on shows because the time just seems to get away from you or you forget them. You will not miss another update again.


9Anime is one of the top online destinations for fans to stream their favorite anime. The site has an extensive library of new and niche shows that you won’t find on many other sites, as well as a great selection of movies and recent episodes. 9Anime has more than enough content to keep the average anime fan satiated, however, you may have limited interest in the niche content sections. 

When it comes to streaming anime content, 9anime may not have all the bells and whistles that are present at Crunchyroll or Funimation. However, there is a smaller amount of content on the site overall, which means less clutter. That should make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for much more quickly. And if you don’t mind dubbed versions of the anime you watch, this is definitely a service worth trying out.

The site is conveniently organized and updated consistently. If you’re looking for an anime website that’s similar to AnimeFreak then 9anime is a great option.


The sites listed above are a substitute for AnimeFreak. The sites are well-established anime sites, they are best due to the layout and archiving of the episodes. The user interface of these sites is good, it is one of the other reasons why the user prefers these sites.

You will always find something new and fantastic when you watch anime on these sites. They have the highest quality of streaming anime which is well organized, this will never let you feel bored.