If you’re looking for a great website that’s been around for a while, go no further than 123Movies. As an avid viewer of movies online, it has everything you could want. 123 Movies services are top-notch, and the site’s movie streaming speeds are fast. There are no usability difficulties that you may encounter.

This site’s greatest virtue is that it doesn’t necessitate any personal information to use it. Any movie is available for instant streaming without requiring you to create an account. There is a mobile app for the site, but I haven’t seen any positive feedback about it. The user interface is intuitive and pleasant. You won’t find a lot of distracting commercials here. The site loads its content swiftly and appears to be easy to use.

How to use 123Movies?

Because of the visual and sound quality, it’s an outstanding platform for viewing movies online when compared to other sites like Loranocarter+Miami. In addition to movies, you can also stream Anime. It has an excellent movie streaming service with a wide variety of options. Season and episode selection is available for shows you want to watch. After viewing a film, users can share their thoughts on the film by leaving comments or reading the reviews of others.

How to download movies from 123Movies?

That’s a place where you can get free movie downloads. Registration or subscription is not required to view any of the articles or other information on this website. To watch a film, all you have to do is visit the site and type in the title. To begin downloading, select the “Download” option from the drop-down menu. Next, decide on a file type, such as MP3 or MP4 that suits your needs. Both of these options for watching movies on mobile devices are top-notch. The site employs multi-thread download to ensure that the video you want can be obtained at the same rapid rate as any other movie on the site. Reviews (Personal)

123movies is a service that allows users to watch full episodes of television shows and movies online for free. The website provides its users with the option to download torrents as well as stream videos. The use of file sharing is what makes torrent downloads so quick; this also means that the movie will load more quickly than it would on other online sites because it will not be coming from just one server. 

When it comes to the availability of hundreds of thousands of different types of movies, it excels beyond the capabilities of the majority of the web-based streaming services. One of the reasons for its widespread use and acceptance on the internet is the intuitive nature of its user interface, which makes it possible for users to quickly get the data that is most relevant to them.

What happened to 123movies?

It was a well-known movie streaming service that provided easy access to thousands of titles. Several companies, including Warner Bros and FVT, have taken legal action against the site throughout the years. It’s because more and more people are gravitating toward this free service. In 2018, however, due to legal action taken by those firms alleging copyright infringement, the domain name “” was suspended.

123movies Alternatives

After the 123Movies was discontinued, the user was trying to find alternatives for it. Several companies tried their luck to replace the 123Movies. They provided the same services and features along with the even bigger database of different types of entertainment material including movies, TV Series, dramas, Reality Shows as well as animated movies. Following are some of the best 123movies alternatives 2021. 


The SolarMovie Download website offers the most recent movies in streaming format, and users are not required to join up or register in order to watch them. Solarmovie is pleased to introduce you to the top website for watching free movies online without the need to download them. SolarMovie is the best website for you to visit if you are looking for a way to watch movies online without spending any money.


Is going to the cinema your way of taking your “happy pill”? Do you prefer online streaming services that provide user-friendly interfaces? If you answered yes to each of these questions, then MoviesJoy is just what you need. Over ten thousand movies and television series are available to view online completely free of charge and with no registration required. The constant modifications made to this platform’s database in order to present the highest-rated and most recent flicks from all around the world are something that you are going to adore about it. MoviesJoy has you covered in every way possible if you have been itching to watch the most recent episodes of various television series. MoviesJoy is one of the most reliable websites for customers who wish to view movies online since there are four servers dedicated to each movie. The materials are also organized into categories such as nation, rating on IMDb and other websites, genre, and many others. 


This platform, along with 123Movies, is among the primary online streaming services that are consistently utilized by users in order to see movies, television series, documentaries, and other types of videos. In the same vein as 123Movies, it offers a comprehensive library of content. As a result of this, it is one of the platforms that is frequented the most, with an estimated 1.6 million visits every day. If you utilize PutLocker, you won’t run out of movies to view because the service is always being updated. It doesn’t matter if you prefer the newest or the oldest movies; this place has them all. In addition, there is a function known as “Night Mode” that allows users to browse and watch videos in a darker setting. PutLocker does not need users to sign up for an account in order to view the highlights, and the service’s content may be accessed without cost in any case. 


On this particular list, this website is also a suggested alternative to the 123movies website. FlixTor provides access to a large number of films and television episodes that are arranged in sections according to the popularity of each title and the medium in which they were produced. High-definition video can also be streamed to the user’s device if they so choose. Accessing the website does not require users to first create an account for themselves on the platform. You just need to tap the movies that you wish to view, and FlixTor will bring them up for you to watch right now. You can also find content that is restricted to audiences 18 and older and is not intended for users under the age of 18. Always keep in mind that installing and utilizing an ad-blocker is necessary in order to prevent obnoxious pop-ups and advertisements from spoiling your viewing experience.


YesMovies was the first streaming website to provide users with immediate access to all of the most recent blockbuster movies from Hollywood. It makes no difference if it is a movie, a television show, or a documentary. YesMovies will have it available for you to view as soon as it is made available to the public. They also provide a vast selection of additional stuff in a variety of formats. You may watch cartoons, movies that are based on anime, movies that are based on horror, and a lot more. And lastly, as usual… YesMovies is totally devoid of any membership fees! On this website, you are able to watch each and every movie and television show without first having to purchase or rent them. That’s pretty much the pinnacle of perfection, if you ask me!


When it comes to watching movies online, ZMovies is among the top websites that you may use. Signing up for an account on the website is the first step that needs to be taken. It’s a breeze, and it won’t take more than a few minutes of your time. After you have registered, you will be able to set up your own account, which will grant you access to a huge number of brand new films. You may also watch shows on your television! ZMovies even lets you watch some older films if you’re in the mood for that kind of thing. ZMovies features a search function that allows you to find movies by inputting any information, from the movie title to the cast members’ names, so if you’re sick of scrolling through all of those pages to find a movie, you can use this function. It’s even possible to just type in the category! ZMovies has been expanding at a consistent rate ever since it first went up, and they now have over 6000 full-length movies, with that figure continuing to rise each and every day.


YoMovies is a website that has an interface that is extremely comparable to that of 123movies. The main distinction is that it offers a wider variety of movies and television series that are of a higher quality overall. In addition to this, it provides subtitles in a variety of languages, including Arabic, Spanish, and French, making it accessible to people from a wide range of linguistic backgrounds. There are no advertisements on YoMovies, which is one of the many reasons why it is superior to competing websites such as 123movies. The movie content on YoMovies is organized in the same way as it is on other websites such as 123movies. This contains a sidebar that allows you to arrange things by category (such as Action, Comedy, or Romance), type of media (TV Shows or Movies), popularity, and language. The structure of YoMovies is quite comparable to that of 123movies in many respects. Both websites offer a navigation guide, menu options, and appearance that are virtually identical to those of Unlike 123movies, which is also a torrent site, YoMovies differs significantly in the way it operates, the quality of the movies and TV series it offers, and the subtitles that are available for those movies and episodes.


Vudu is a popular streaming television network in the United States. It is under the ownership of Sony Pictures Entertainment, may be seen on personal computers and mobile devices, and it can be viewed through mobile devices. The network, which was first launched as a free platform, featured broadcasts that were sponsored by advertisements in order to attract people. Vudu provides users with a variety of video content, including full-length motion pictures, television series, animated shorts, excerpts from film trailers, and other types of media. The service was introduced to the public for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas in 2006. It is projected that there are a total of twenty-five million households in the United States that have access to it.

Yify TV

It is a platform with a user interface that is very much like that of Netflix. You have access to a list of all the most recent releases, and by selecting any one of them, you have the option to either view it online or put it to a “Queue” on your account. You may put a movie on your watch list even if you don’t plan on watching it right away, as long as you still intend to get it. You are able to search for movies as well as filter them according to category, year of release, and rating.

The following Countries currently have access to Yify TV:

United KingdomItalyMexicoAustria
United StatesJapanPolandFinland
FranceNew ZealandDenmarkLatvia
GermanyChina’s TaipeiNorwayBelgium
SwedenNorwayHong Kong 


You may also watch movies online for free at Gomovies, an alternative website to 123movies that offers the same service. On the homepage of the site, you may quickly locate the movies or shows that are currently popular. This website has an extremely user-friendly interface, which makes it very easy for us to locate the films that we want to watch. Consider yourself a regular user of 123movies; in that case, you should check out this site because it is very similar to 123movies. Movies in HD resolution can be accessed on the device. There is a Box office category part where you can get a list of the most recent movies to be released in case you are interested in seeing the most recent film.

123Movies Mobile Application

The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. To put it another way, you can get the app for your mobile device and install it. Both new and classic films are included. The app’s user interface makes it easy for users to watch whatever movie they want. Android users can now enjoy their favorite films with the tap of a finger, thanks to this dedicated software. You may watch all your favorite films in glorious high definition with this app.

How to download movies on the 123Movies app?

It’s an application that lets people watch movies on their mobile devices including Android smartphones and tablets. The app makes it simple for consumers to transfer the movies they’ve purchased to their mobile devices for offline streaming. 

  • You have to download the APK file of 123movies from the internet to start using it.
  • Launch the application, then look for the film you wish to watch offline.
  • To get the movie, just click the download link next to the movie’s poster.
  • A download will begin immediately.
  • The app’s My Downloads section is where you’ll find the downloaded film after it’s been downloaded.

However, some users have complained about the app’s lack of security and alleged data breaches. You can still use it after downloading the Android Package (apk) file from various websites.  

How to watch movies on the 123Movies app?

You’ll have to give the app a try by downloading it to your device before you can start watching movies on it. To find the film you wish to view after installing the app, simply launch it. To play a film, just click on its name. Once you click play, the movie will begin playing. The app’s database is continually updated so that you have access to the latest and greatest movies, and it contains a large collection of Full HD Movies.

123movies mirror sites that work

Here is a list of proxy websites hosted in different countries that can provide you access to all the movies that were on the official 123movies sites that work . As mentioned earlier, most of the 123Movies websites are blocked. Some of them with a little bit different link address still exist and they are working fine. Two of them are as follow:


Due to an issue involving copyright, the website that allowed users to watch movies online for free has been taken offline. Previously, this service was very popular. You have probably heard of some of the more well-known illegal file-sharing websites, such as 123movieshub or any other legal movie streaming provider. We strongly suggest that you use legal websites to watch your preferred movies online.

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