Tips for Women Travellers to Utah

Women Travellers to Utah

Utah in the southcentral United States attracts a growing number of tourists for its outdoor activities, hiking opportunities and natural beauty. More and more solo women travellers choose to take a vacation in the Beehive State. Get detailed information about the best way to travel safe in different regions of the world, on this website:

If you fall into this category, start searching the Utah vacation rentals and read on. This article will explain the essentials all women travellers need to know about visiting Utah.

Utah is a safe state

Compared to some of the other states in America, Utah is safe. Crime levels, especially outside Salt Lake City, are low and femaletravellers rarely face any problems. That being said, it’s still a good idea to exercise normal levels of precaution. Don’t go out to the bars until the early hours and be wary of unprompted male attention. But you shouldn’t worry,and you’re almost sure to have the time of your life.

Enjoy the outdoors

The main reason visitors flock to this southern state relates to their countless opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Drive a little out of the city and face steep canyons, expansive deserts and hiking trails. If you plan to get down and dirty with nature, research where to go beforehand. You’ll find trails catering to all levels of fitness and ability. It might also be possible to join a group, which provides transport to and from Salt Lake City.

Take care when hiking solo

This tip applies to all solo travellers who find themselves hiking in the wilderness. Utah is vast and leaving the well-marked path unleashes myriad risks and dangers. It’s a lot easier to get lost out there than most people think. With faint trails and an expansive space that looks the same, any slight change in direction can make you hopelessly lost in minutes. Stick to the paths.

Tell someone where you’re going

You should also take precaution to let someone know where you plan to go. This might be the reception at your hotel or a friend back home. Tell them that you expect to be out for a certain number of hours and will contact them before a particular time. Thisprotects against accidents and allows someone to notify the authorities in an emergency. We’ve all seen stories where someone has fallen,and they’ve been lost for days. If you arrange to check in and you don’t, they can assume something went wrong and take action. Otherwise, you might find yourself lost, injured and with little hope of survival.

Watch out for the animals

Another essential tip related to hiking solo (which applies to everyone) is to watch out for the wildlife. The outdoors can be a dangerous place, especially in Utah. Rattlesnakes and other poisonous snakes lurk in the undergrowth camouflaged with their surroundings. A bite from some can lead to death in a matter of hours. And there’s no way to get to the anti-venom in time. Other things to be aware of include spiders and scorpions, which tend to emerge after dusk. Take care if you see herds of elk, deer or moose. Stampedes can quickly transform the perfect photo opportunity into a deadly situation. Read up on the dangers of Utah’s wilderness. Know the tell-tale signs of snakes and exercise caution.

Do your research

Because of Utah’s size, it can be challenging to pack everything into one short trip. Instead, plan which national parks you want to visit. Not only does this give you a more structured itinerary, but it also helps out with logistics. The most popular ones include Zion National Park, Arches National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park. Other tourists might want to spend some time in the state’s cities such as Salt Lake City, Provo or Ogden. But because the distances between each are vast, you need to plan.

Get a car

If you can drive, rent a car in Utah. Most tourists enter the state through the main international airport in Salt Lake City. From here you can get a car, which gives you both flexibility and freedom. With your own set of wheels, you can drive out to the canyons and national parks without spending a fortune on tours. It also allows you to explore the state at your own pace. If you’re travelling alone, use common sense and don’t leave the car parked in dark areas. When you’re out in the cities after dark, always leave the car in well-lit and established parking areas. While Utah is among the safest places to travel in the United States as a female tourist, it doesn’t mean it’s completely risk-free.

Don’t neglect tours

Most solo travellers prefer to spend their time alone. The freedom and the chance to do everything on your own terms is one of the appeals of this type of travel. However, sometimes joining an organised tour proves to be better in some situations. First, you won’t have to worry about getting around (which is especially appealing for those who don’t want to rent a car). And second, it gives you the chance to meet other travellers. Sometimes, being a tourist on your own can be a very lonely experience. And meeting other likeminded people on a tour can enlighten the whole trip.

Solo female travellers to Utah

If you love the outdoors, want to visit national parks and canyons, Utah is for you. It’s a safe place fora solo female traveller,and you’re sure to have the time of your life. Just exercise standard precautions, tell someone where you plan to hike and join a tour to meet other tourists. Get detailed information about the best way to enjoy travelling adventures, on this website:

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