Know Before You Go: 5 Benefits Of The Antigen Test Kit

Antigen Test Kit

If you’ve had any human contact in the past three years it is likely you’ve also used an antigen test kit. Our Land Down Under was able to largely avoid the worst of the COVID-19 crisis, but was still hit hard when we reopened and got back to some semblance of normality.

This is why incredibly reliable antigen test ket became a staple of Aussie socialising. From those early reopening stages when park BBQs were the extent of our ability to socialise through to concerts and international travel, us Aussies have been picking up these testing essentials wherever we can (which, for a few weeks there, was quite a difficult thing to do!).

But what are the benefits of in-home testing? And why are they still as important as ever when it comes to protecting our health and the health of our friends, family and colleagues?

Let’s find out below:

1. They provide rapid results

Obviously, nobody wants to await long result times, the type of which we experienced during the worst of the pandemic lockdowns. People from across the country – and not just Melbourne and Sydney – will remember it well. Those long days in isolation, awaiting our results that would come any time the next day – it was a grim and surreal nightmare!

Thankfully, in-home testing provides fast, accurate results, and the kind that allow us to quickly get on with our lives if we are negative and take the necessary precautions if we are positive.

2. It allows us to isolate more safely

Testing positive to COVID-19 is a bummer, but it’s also not nice to have to wait so long to find out if we have it or not. This rapid testing method allows us to quickly receive the results we need to make the proper decision about our isolation. Once we find out we have the virus we can make a proper judgement call around our health and how we should isolate.

We are already in the home and so this is another benefit for the help of ourselves and our loved ones.

3. It’s done in a less stressful environment

 Testing at the doctors or any Australian testing site can be stressful. After all, it’s likely you remember those nasty winter days spent waiting in a queue with other potentially sick people surrounding awaiting the same experience. Let’s face it: it was awful, and not something we should want to experience again unless we really have to or require a second opinion.

Luckily, the antigen test kit is undertaken completely within the comfort of your own home, providing a testing environment that is far less stressful (and less risky) than that of the local doctor’s office or other testing site.

4. You can receive results before & after travelling

 Are you scared of getting on that plane because you’re displaying symptoms and scared you might infect another passenger? Well, one of the very best things you can do is use this rapid testing device to ensure you don’t have the virus and, if you do, you can quickly organise new travel arrangements (because please don’t be that person who still tries to travel with COVID – it’s not okay, really).

5. It’s less stressful for children

 Kids don’t like being tested for any form of virus – as parents you can likely attest to that! Nasal swabs can be uncomfortable for them, so they would prefer to do it in a calm and relaxing environment, the best of which is your home!

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