9 Possible Causes Of A Stuck Safe Door

Safe Door

A stuck safe door is a huge inconvenience, and there can be several causes of it, from improper opening or dead batteries to damaged wires and broken door bolts. Fortunately, most stuck safe doors are easy to fix, even if you might need a little help from a safety expert. Get detailed information about the best way to take care of your metallic furniture, on this website: www.exxointerior.com

Let’s look at 9 of the most common possible causes of a stuck safe door:

1. Improper opening

Many safes need to be opened in a specific way, and if you haven’t read the manufacturers instructions carefully when your safe was installed, it could be that you’re trying to open it in the wrong way.

2. Dead batteries

Electronic locks will inevitably need their batteries changing once in a while, and if your door won’t open, a simply battery replacement may do the trick.

3. Jammed

The delicate machinery inside safes can come loose and leave the door jammed, and if the safes motor is trying to work but the door is still stuck, or the handle only moves partway, you’ll need help from a safe technician to get it functioning properly again.

4. Pressure

Maybe your safe is stored under some heavy items, has too much inside it or has been dropped? Any of these scenarios can lead to a change in pressure within the safe, causing the door to stick.

5. Lockout

The entering of an incorrect code too many times will inevitably lead to a lockout, and you might hear a series of beeps each time you try and enter a code. Check the manufacturers guidance for ways to open your residential or office safe following a lockout, or reach out to a local safe expert.

6. Time delay

In an effort to try and deter armed robbery attempts, some safes have a built in time delay, but this will mostly apply to commercial industries, such as banks or retail establishments, for example. Unlocking a time delay safe may feel like a lockout or as if the door is stuck, but you’ll simply have to wait for a specified period of time before the door will open.

7. Damaged wires

All wires will get worn out over time, and if your safe is relatively old, there’s a chance that damaged wires are preventing the door from opening.

8. Activated relocker

For some particularly high quality safes, they may have a device called a relocker built in, which is designed to keep the safe locked if struck with enough force, such as from falling over or being dropped. You might find that if you’ve moved your safe recently, the relocker has been activated, causing the door to remain closed.

9. Broken door bolts

If you’ve gone through the list above, and none of the issues seem to be what’s causing your safe door to stick, then something inside the lock may be broken, such as the bolts.

While some simple causes of a stuck safe door may be fixed without intervention from a safe expert, others will require their professional guidance. In many cases, however, this is the best line of action to take to prevent causing further damage to the safe which may be costly to repair. Get detailed information about the storage units you can consider buying, on this website: www.fairy-clean-out.com

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