New Asian TV: 12 Best Alternatives Websites 2024

New Asian TV

New Asian Tv is a video-sharing platform that allows users to watch and download a wide variety of media, including movies, television shows, and much more. The portal can provide users with the opportunity to view movies and dramas in a variety of categories based on location, such as Thai, Philippine, Chinese, Taiwanese, and a lot other options.

Users of New Asian TV have access to tens of thousands of different movies and TV channels same like US TV Go. According to their prior searches, there is no method to select the best among them; therefore, it can also recommend the popular and relevant ones instead. Moreover, it cannot select the best one. In addition, it features a user interface that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate, making it particularly useful for novices. The website is quite secure and reputable, and all you have to do to use it is go to the website and choose whatever movie you want to watch.

What happened to New Asia TV?

It was a well-known movie streaming service that made it simple to watch any one of the thousands of available titles. Throughout the years, several companies that reserved the copyrights of movies and dramas have filed legal complaints against the website in question. The reason for this is that an increasing number of people are taking advantage of this free service.

However, the domain name “” was suspended because of legal action filed by those companies alleging copyright infringement. If you’re looking for alternative platforms with a similar offering or want insights about such situations, you might want to visit WealthyLike.

Top Alternatives for New Asia TV

After the New Asian TV website was taken offline, users began looking for substitutes for it anywhere they could. Several businesses gave it a shot in an attempt to unseat the New Asian TV. Users started watching their favourite shows on DramaFever. They offered the same services and features, in addition to a database that was considerably larger and contained a variety of forms of entertainment content, such as live-action and animated films, television series, dramas, reality shows, and others. The following is a list of some of the greatest new alternatives to Asian television in 2021.


Viki is an internet application that makes it simple for users to access dramas, movies, or anime from Asia, Korea, and many other nations. Even clients wishing to supply basic TV and cable networks find it to be a highly reliable platform. Users of Viki may also learn about and explore the world of Asian entertainment. It offers a wide variety of dramas, entertainment videos, films, and TV series on many subjects, including sports, lifestyle, fashion, and cookery in many different nations. Since it has hundreds of various language subtitles available, the majority of people throughout the world consider it to be a masterpiece. 

One of the best feature offered at this simple to use platform is management of movies and dramas which allows the user to easily align them category-wise. These TV Serials and dramas can also be added in to a personalized “Favorite List” that can be saved, edited and shared with friends and family via link address. In this way, the user will not forget the pending list of the movies. Another highly appreciated feature of this website is the Email notification service which automatically notifies the user about availability of latest movies and dramas. Moreover, this notification setting is also personalize able and it depends completely on the user which movie category or genre he would like to get notification of. 


iFlix is a cutting-edge streaming platform that enables users to quickly view their favorite films and television series. This platform can provide a variety of digital solutions that can be useful for anyone who wants to instantly see the most recent information. Even if their internet connection is down, users may still download any video on their devices and continue streaming online. Although some of the video on iFlix is not in high resolution, it may still stream without any issues. 

A wide variety of genres are readily available, including science fiction, drama, comedy, horror, and realism. This service is highly appreciated and accepted all around the world especially in Asia including China, Pakistan and India. The reason behind wide range of usage is the availability of multilingual content which makes this platform stand out among its competitors. Here the user can enjoy the English language dubbed, Hindi language as well as Urdu language movies which is dedicated to target the Pakistani Audience. 


Users may get the newest and most well-liked Korean-based material from OnDemandKorea, a completely legal service provider, including dramas, varied programs, movies, and much more. To keep customers up to speed with the most recent programming developments, all of the applications that are offered on this platform are even updated within hours after their Korean release. 

Users of OnDemandKorea can access all material for free, except for some Plus, Pay-Per-View, and Premium ranges. Since it is available from a variety of devices, including iPhone, Apple TV, iPad, Chromecast, etc., users can effortlessly log in with their ODK account and resume watching films where they left off. This website is well known and widely being used worldwide for the Korean Dramas streaming especially. This is because of the quality of video and audio provided on this platform which usually lacks on different free of cost streaming websites. 


OnDramaNice is a cloud based highly responsive application that can be accessed and used from anywhere around the globe without any limitation. The user just have to type the correct link address in the link bar in the browser. It does not matter that the user is running the Chrome OS, or macOS, Windows or even Linux. This multi-platform compatibility makes it even more convenient for the users. Tens of types of genres are provided on this platform so that the user having taste of anything can be targeted and can be captured. 

Users of OnDramaNice may view Asian dramas and films with English subtitles that have been published in a variety of languages, including Korean, Thai, Taiwanese, Japanese, Hong Kong, Chinese, etc. For its customers, who are dispersed around the globe, the portal even regularly adds the newest books and films. Additionally, OnDramaNice enables viewers to have pleasure in viewing dramas and films in a variety of genres, such as action, comedy, science fiction, erotic thrillers, romance, adventure, fantasy, family, and much more. Juvenile Justice, Cupid’s Last Wish, Cherry Blossoms after winter, Twenty Five Twenty One, Secret Crush on You, 49 Days with a Merman, and many others are among their most well-liked series. Not just the mentioned series and movies, the platform is full of several kinds of dramas and entertainment related content. 


HanCinema is a marketplace that may provide users with access to a Korean Movie and Drama Database, allowing them to explore quickly using various criteria, including movies, directors, dramas, and stars, as well as locating relevant information and links regarding Korean entertainment. Users may receive immediate notifications for every new editorial, review, post, etc. The database has access to hundreds of thousands of pieces of content, which may turn HanCinema into an exclusive English-language service based on Korean film and television that keeps expanding. Additionally, it helps people find their preferred dramas and movies on other platforms more quickly.


Kshow123 is a website that offers its viewers high-quality, quick streams of Asian dramas, movies, and TV series with English subtitles. With millions of episodes in most drama boxsets, the main providers even distribute all of the dramas or movies in 720p or 1080p HD. Due to continuous content updates and competitive pricing, Kshow123 also offers the most recent surfing. After subscribing, the user can receive an instant notification each time a new episode is uploaded along with a name and episode number. As a result, he never misses an episode of his favorite TV program.


KissAsian began as an online streaming service in 2015 and serves as a reliable source to view the most recent and well-liked Korean dramas. Users of this platform may immediately download apps from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. KissAsian develops its content sources to several other nations in addition to offering dramas, films, and a variety of TV programs to Korea, like Hong Kong, Thailand, etc. The platform has even agreed to an agreement that gives it access to the majority of the material produced by a Korean cable TV company. Major Korean broadcasters currently have access to it, including KBS, SBS, MBC, CJ E&M, etc.


KBS World TV, a paid television channel run by Korea’s broadcasting system, was launched on July 1, 2003, to amuse foreign viewers outside of South Korea. The majority of the broadcast content on this platform is in Korean, however, there are subtitles available in a variety of languages, including English, Chinese, Malay, and others. Additionally, since practically all streaming video is available in high definition, users are no longer bothered by graphic difficulties. 


Nearly all Korean dramas with English subtitles may be found on the website MyAsianTV, which viewers consult while viewing. It is even possible to watch Korean drama on the platform, which is accessible practically anywhere in the world. Regarding material streaming and downloading, it is significantly quicker and more appropriate than others. The fastest-growing online market that didn’t require registration is MyAsianTV. The user flow and content index are both thoughtfully set up under several factors. Even so, consumers might not be able to access older Korean dramas. Users can choose the site’s language with the ease of their needs because a variety of areas are available.


AsianCrush is a leading streaming service that focuses on Asian media, including motion pictures, television series, online web videos, and a great deal more. This channel features nearly every genre imaginable, including Korean Drama, Asian horror, martial arts, sci-fi, Korean thrillers, anime, Asian action, and a great deal more besides. Because customers located outside of North America cannot gain direct access to this streaming service and because the material of AsianCrush can only be viewed in that region, those users must make use of a un-locator to view any of the website’s offerings. If customers can upgrade their accounts to the premium edition of this site, they will have access to even more games than are now available.


Kocowa is a streaming service provider that offers a one-stop-shop experience for all consumers by providing content related to K-pop and K-dramas that includes subtitles in multiple languages. Enjoying the entertainment content that is based on the Korean network and is presented by the system that is used by Seoul Broadcasting is made easy with the help of this platform. Kocowa also enables its customers to watch various episodes each day of the week, and the platform is available on smartphone devices in addition to the web.

 Additionally, there are no advertisements or subscription costs associated with using Kocowa. It may come packaged with a vast collection of Korean television programs, including sitcoms, dramas, reality shows, music videos, and much more besides. They even offer an over-the-top (OTT) service in Latin America, where users may choose from a variety of programs that have been dubbed into English, Spanish, or Portuguese.


Users may watch Asian television shows online for free and in high quality without having to worry about visiting an illegal website because is a valid website. Users can watch Asian television programs online at It is possible to stream episodes of television shows of high quality online. It provides access to shows that may be downloaded for free and in high quality. There is a wide range of formats, starting at 240p and going all the way up to 720p HD (or even 1080p). HTML5 can be used on mobile devices such as iPhones and smartphones. Numerous visitors log in to watch free episodes of Asian television shows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is New Asia TV Safe? 

Yes, it is safe. You may watch any movie for free on New Asian Tv, which is a highly safe and legitimate website. You can watch action movies, romance movies, comedies, horror movies, animated movies, and more for nothing.

How to Download Video from New Asian TV?

You have viewed a movie on New Asian Tv, and now you would like to save it to your mobile device or computer so that you may watch it again. You have checked the New Asian TV, but you are unable to locate a download button that would allow you to complete that particular activity. This is because of the unavailability of the download feature on this platform. 

How to Download From New Asian TV Using Video Downloader Chrome Extension?

  • Install and start using the Video Downloader Pro chrome add-on.
  • Navigate to and click on the video of your choosing once you’re there.
  • Start the movie or the drama.
  • To download videos, go to the extension bar on Chrome and click the video downloader button.
  • Click the download button when you have determined which video has the most significant file size.

Absolute Best New Asian TV Dramas

Here is the list of some of the best New Asian TV Dramas which can be streamed on multiple streaming platforms including Netflix. These Dramas are the best in their category. 

Alice in Borderland Crash Landing on You
Ashes of Love Business Proposal
Forecasting Love and Weather Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha
Start-Up Put Your Head on My Shoulder


New Asian TV is one of the best web-based applications available, as it enables users to stream movies and dramas for free without any difficulty at all. This cloud-based application’s user-friendly and easy-to-understand design, which enables the user to search for the user preferred movie in a matter of moments, is one of the reasons for the application’s widespread use and popularity.

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