Live-in Care – An Antidote To Loneliness For The Elderly


Find out about live-in care and how it can help remove or reduce the risk of social isolation, which can cause loneliness and other problems.

Live-in care is an excellent solution for the loneliness experienced by the elderly, the loneliness that is known to be as harmful as 15 cigarettes a day when it comes to our health. Get detailed information about best practices to carry out if you want to take good care of your elders, on this website:

Live-in care can help to reduce loneliness by:

  • Helping the client go to local social events and groups
  • Aiding the mobility of the client so they can maintain their independence
  • Providing great meals and nutrition
  • Ensure the familiarity of the surroundings are maintained
  • Helping the client avoid moving to a different location
  • Ensuring the client gets to stay with their partner
  • Helping the client keep their pet
  • Providing confidence and support with issues like incontinence which can cause a person to withdraw

What Causes Loneliness In The Elderly?

Social isolation is a real problem, and amongst the elderly, it can cause critical health issues.

It can happen for a variety of reasons such as a person losing their beloved partner of many years. They may lose friends who were part of their closest circle.

It may be that they have moved to be nearer to their family, but in turn they have left behind the area they loved.

Health problems can also cause loneliness, or a lack of confidence in going out because of a fear of falling or issues with incontinence.

In some instances, a person can be lonely because they are staying at home to save money. They might have recently lost their driving license because of age and ability, leading them to feel dependent on public transport, which can be a big change.

Each person has an individual reason for feeling lonely, but it is common and it happens to many people, particularly in winter.

How Does Loneliness Affect The Elderly?

Loneliness can be really bad for health, as we mentioned above, as bad as 15 cigarettes a day. Those who are lonely may be more prone to issues like heart disease or blood pressure. You may also be more likely to develop dementia. Loneliness can cause a person to lose a sense of who they are, which can be very painful and very sad, but it is absolutely avoidable with the right support.

Live-in Care VS Residential Care

Residential care is a great option for some, however, 97% of people would prefer not to go into residential care if they become unable to care for themselves. Residential care doesn’t guarantee that a person won’t be lonely, in fact, there are many reports and articles supporting the fact that it can contribute to loneliness in the elderly.

Luckily, there is a fantastic alternative to care homes that provides excellent elderly care, and an antidote to loneliness all whilst a person stays in their own home. Live-in care has so many benefits, and can be favourable in cost compared to care homes. Take a look at the UK Care Guide care calculator for a rough idea of how much it could cost you. You may also want to get a care assessment so you can understand how much care you need on a day to day basis.

Live-in care is a fantastic antidote to loneliness for the elderly and provides the solution for many other potential problems a person may experience in residential care. Take a look into live-in care today to find out how it could benefit you in later life. Click here to find out more about the Benefits of Live-In Care for the Elderly.

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