Catastrophic Injuries – The Most Common Ones

Catastrophic Injuries

A catastrophic injury is a severe physical injury or illness that has a traumatic impact on the victim and requires extensive medical treatment. These injuries are usually not fatal but may take many months to heal. The full extent of the injury may not be known for several months, and the effects may be lifelong. Catastrophic injuries can range from extensive burns to loss of limbs to severe brain injuries to spinal cord injuries. Get detailed information about various types of injuries and their treatment, on this website:

Traumatic brain injury

A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is a devastating injury to the brain. It can be mild or severe, and can cause life-threatening symptoms, including loss of consciousness and mental confusion. It can also be fatal. The CDC reports that there are more than two million cases of TBI per year in the U.S., with more than 830,000 cases affecting children. An estimated 13.5 million Americans live with a disability caused by TBI, and the direct and indirect costs of TBI total $76.5 billion per year. In fact, more people are hospitalized each year for TBI than for spinal cord injury.

Traumatic brain injuries occur when an external force causes damage to the brain. These injuries can disrupt the brain’s normal functioning for hours or even a lifetime. The symptoms can vary from a mild coma to a vegetative state. The most severe cases of TBI can result in amnesia and extended periods of unconsciousness.

Spinal cord injury

After a spinal cord injury, the victim may face various complications. They may need surgery, intravenous fluids, drugs to reduce swelling, and intensive care. They may also need physical therapy, rehabilitation, and/or psychiatrist services. Ultimately, the patient may face a long recovery time.

One of the most common types of catastrophic injuries is a spinal cord injury. These injuries cause significant pain in the affected area, including muscle, nerve, and joint pain. They also can lead to depression. In addition, a spinal cord injury can make a patient unable to move or feel their arms and legs.

Brain injury

A brain injury is one of the most devastating injuries a person can suffer. It causes lasting damage to the brain and can even lead to death. These injuries also affect the victim’s family and friends. According to the Centers for Disease Control, about 2.5 million people suffer a catastrophic brain injury each year. The majority of these injuries occur in motor vehicle accidents.

The main cause of traumatic brain injury is a blow to the head. The force of the impact causes the brain to swell and bleed. The severity of damage will depend on the nature of the blow and how hard the head was hit. Among the most common types of traumatic brain injury are falls, vehicle collisions, and violent assaults. An infant can also suffer a traumatic brain injury, known as shaken baby syndrome.

Medical malpractice injury

Catastrophic injuries are very painful and can have long-term effects. They also take a significant emotional and psychological toll. In some cases, victims will need constant care for the rest of their lives. This may include hiring a full-time nurse, using medical-equipped vans to get around, and receiving therapy or prosthetics. In this case, you need the help of a catastrophic injury lawyer.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a catastrophic injury caused by medical malpractice, you should contact a lawyer who specializes in such cases. These attorneys will investigate the case and determine which parties are responsible for the injuries. Get detailed information about the best way to heal faster, on this website: www.

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