8 Delicious Desserts To Express Your Love To Your Partner


Nothing screams love and care much like desserts do. There is a reason why we gift sweet treats on special occasions. They are simple and most expressive way to convey your warm wishes. If you are planning to gift something to your partner and feel  unsure whether or not they will like it, opt for surprising them with something sweet, ranging from chocolates, ice creams, cakes to mousse, parfaits, torte, pies etc.

Therefore, keep it simple and real with this list of delish sweet treats that are sure to bring a smile on your partner’s face, even on the mundane of days. Take the guide:


Brownies are hard to say no to. Elevate the usual mood of your partner with chocolate brownies. You may also add a twist with pressed milk chocolates or caramel chocolates in the centre. This will taste and look a lot better apart from oozing with love, efforts and thoughts for your partner.


This could be your go-to dessert if you wish keep it simple and uncomplicated. Present a waffle surprise to your partner topped with chocolate syrup and frozen raspberries. You may also try waffle ice cream sandwich by pressing and freezing a layer of ice cream between two pieces of waffle.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Wondering what you could do with these? Add a twist to the regular chocolate cookies by baking them in heart shape. You can top it with chocolate sauce and a scoop of ice cream of your partner’s favorite flavor. You can also add dried rose petals and pistachios to give it a deliciously unique flavor.

Chocolate Truffles

A dark chocolate truffle is the best way to uplift your partner’s mood. You can bake or order customized chocolate truffle for your partner with “I Love You” quotes or any other quote and your partner is sure to feel elated with your thoughtful gesture.

Chocolate Lava

What can be more tempting and delicious than chocolate lava oozing with hot chocolate? Satiate your partner’s taste buds by giving him freshly made chocolate lava and they are sure to pause for a while and drool over the sweet treat. Even if you partner is far apart, you can always order it for them and delight them with your surprise.

White Chocolate Mousse

This smooth treat is a fitting description of elegance. Choose chocolate mousse or mousse of your partner’s favorite flavor and team it up with freshly and finely cut strawberries. You may also crush the strawberries in the bowl and layer the top with crushed strawberry syrup for a delicious and pretty looking treat. A pomegranate sauce will work equally well.

Flavorful Cake

Cake has always been an option of delight and makes any day a celebration. Bake a delicious cake for your partner, whether it’s a cheesecake or a chocolate cake. Even if you are living miles apart, you can opt for cake delivery in Gurugram, Delhi, Noida or anywhere your partner resides. A sweet midnight surprise will definitely touch their heart.

Chocolate Pops

The cute little pops will definitely add overwhelm your partner. This easy to make recipe will definitely work wonders. All you have to do is mix caramel and peanut butter, roll them into a ball and dip them into dark chocolate. You may dust them with fine sugar for a beautiful touch.

A little effort goes a long way. Make sure you overwhelm your partner with these amazing dessert ideas that is sure to stay in his heart as a sweet memory forever.

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