Venues Keep Pushing Back Your Wedding? Get Married at Your Home

venues Keep Pushing Back Your Wedding

Hosting your wedding at home is a great way to create an intimate affair. Inviting your guests to a wedding venue filled with sentimental memories is a great alternative to a traditional venue, especially during COVID-19. Factors like logistics, the size of the guest list, decor, the seating chart, and catering will depend on the size of your home. Keep the following tips in mind when planning an at-home wedding.

Embrace the traditions that matter to you.

The first step in planning an intimate home wedding is to think about all the traditions that matter on your wedding day. Everything from the style of your wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses to the decor color palette and party favors should be meaningful to you. Just because vendors keep pushing your wedding date due to COVID restrictions doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the elements that are important to you.

Having enough time to plan a wedding makes the planning process more fun and less stressful. Relying on a wedding checklist keeps your plans on track and ensures you don’t miss any details. Many couples create a wedding website that contains information such as location, RSVPs, logistics, and a wedding registry. Shutterfly helps streamline the wedding planning process with its selection of custom wedding stationery, gifts, and photo albums. Once you set a date and determine your wedding style, you can create custom wedding date cards and wedding invitations, as well as rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, and bachelorette party invitations. You can manage your guest list by tracking RSVPs and send custom thank you cards to all of your guests. After your wedding day, you can collect all of your wedding photographs and videos to create a custom wedding album that you’ll cherish.

Utilize all available space.

Your wedding inspiration needs to align with the space you have available. It’s important to utilize all available indoor and outdoor areas of your home. Create a sense of flow by having different events in different areas. You may opt to say your vows indoors, host cocktail hour in the garden, and rent a covered tent for the reception. Make sure you have a weather plan in case of rain on your big day.

Prepare your property in advance.

While throwing a home wedding helps save on costs, you’ll need to prepare your property in advance. You’ll want your backyard to look manicured while being prepared to hold guests. Consider hiring a professional landscaper to give your backyard some TLC. If you’re planning a wedding with enough time to plant new flora and fauna, talk to your landscaper about your floral inspiration. Perennials and annuals require time to take root and flourish, so make sure there’s enough time to create the ideal setting for your wedding day.

No bride or bridesmaid wants to have her makeup melt after a session with the makeup artist. When preparing to turn your home into a wedding venue, it’s a good idea to have a professional technician check on the condition of your HVAC system. CoolRay Heating and Air have years of experience providing quality and dependable service to homeowners. The pro technicians offer HVAC repairs, installation, and maintenance as well as indoor air quality solutions. Cool Rays AC also offers maintenance plans and emergency repairs to ensure the efficiency of your home systems. Ensuring your home is at a comfortable temperature is one less item to keep on your checklist.

Opt for alternative entertainment.

Having a dance floor may not be feasible for your home wedding, but there are plenty of alternative entertainment options you can choose from. Setting up lawn games is a fun way for small groups of guests to enjoy themselves safely. Cornhole, giant Jenga, and bocci ball are all great ways that guests can amuse themselves during the reception. Make sure that you have dedicated sanitization stations throughout the entertainment area so that guests can sanitize before and after use.

Keep these tips in mind when planning an intimate home wedding that your guests will remember for years.

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