How To Choose The Right Storage Unit

Storage Unit

There are many stages in life and business where using a storage unit is necessary. Whether it be for short-term rental, relocation, business growth, or a permanent move, storage units can provide the extra space required to store possessions or items outside your home or place of business. If you have been considering using a storage facility, it is important to take note of a few key factors to ensure you choose the storage unit that works for you.

The right storage unit should provide enough space to hold your items as well as giving you peace of mind and security. To find the best storage unit for your situation, continue reading this guide. Learn more about different types of furniture you can consider for your office, on this website:


It’s always a good idea to select a self-storage unit in a convenient location. While it may not be a big deal if you are storing belongings you won’t need access to until it’s time to move them out, it is essential for most other situations. The longer distance you have to cover to get what you need, the less convenient it’ll be to use the unit actively.

So, look for the closest storage facility offering all the options you need. However, you shouldn’t settle for a storage unit just because it’s the closest one to you if it doesn’t have the necessary functions and features you need.


Several things go into storage unit prices, including unit size, length of time, facility location, and amenities such as climate-control features. As you begin your search for a suitable storage unit, having a budget will make it easier to decide on the unit, location, and features that make sense to you.

Storage units often offer contracts monthly. This way, you have the option to store your items temporarily or long-term. Price should never be the only deciding factor in choosing a self-storage unit, so be sure to review all relevant aspects of storage options.


Picking the proper storage unit size is typically the most challenging part. Bigger units logically cost more per month. This is why it is crucial to do a thorough inventory of the items you plan to store to get an idea of how much space you’ll need to avoid paying extra for unused space.

However, you still want the unit to be a little bigger than what you need, as this will provide extra ventilation and give you room to navigate the unit. Plus, if you have a variety of odd-sized items, like a bed frame, a patio table, and a few boxes, consider the actual design of the particular storage unit. Reputable storage facilities often list or offer illustrations of items usually suitable for their various units.


No one wants their property stolen, and this is why most facilities offer some security measures to protect your items and their storage units. Storage facilities have different levels of security on their premises, including video surveillance, security fencing, individual security locks, limited access, and even security guards.

You may want to determine if the level of security meets your standards for your items. If you’re storing items of value, you may want to find a storage facility that offers 24/7 security. You may also want to check with your insurer to see if your renter’s insurance covers the storage units.

Extra Services

When looking for the right storage unit, you may want to consider extra services offered by the storage facilities. Some facilities provide a climate-control system, which is an excellent option for people looking to store items sensitive to extreme cold or heat. Fabrics like silk or leather don’t do well in humidity. The level of customer service also matters. You may want a facility with on-site staff in case you have questions or when something goes wrong. Learn more about the affordable furniture upgrades in workplace, on this website:

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